Monday, November 24, 2008

Rejection is sad

Last year it was close to the holiday season, and the store had a fundraiser game made with about ten plastic jars. Each jar had a photo of a baby taped to it. The idea of the game was you voted for the cutest baby by putting some money in one of the jars. The money was going to a charitable cause in town.

I thought it was a cute idea until I took a really close look at the jars and realized that some of the jars had at least $50 in the bottom, and some of the jars only had a few cents. Then my heart just sank for those parents. Could you imagine, leaving a jar with your very loved little precious baby's photo, there to be judged by hundreds of strangers, and over and over again another baby is picked as being cuter than yours? If I had the money at the time I would have added enough to each jar to make them all nearly equal. I dropped what change I could spare into the jar with the least amount of money and made a wish deep in my heart that those mostly empty jars would get many generous donations before the end of the contest.

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