Sunday, November 23, 2008

Attached Families part 1

One of the best things that happened to us while we were pregnant with our oldest child was checking out a few of Dr. William and Martha Sears baby books from the local library. Those books introduced us to the idea of attachment parenting. Since then we have added a second child to our family and have fully embraced the attachment parenting life style. It’s such a wonderful feeling to watch our kids run around the house with huge smiles on their faces, to see them play with each other, to watch them interact with people in public and to know that we’ve helped them grow into the friendly, smart, happy, and outgoing kids they are by meeting their needs, treating them like valued human beings, and respecting their minds and bodies.

In my opinion, attachment parenting should really be called attachment family because the general philosophy of attachment parenting is that every person in the family is treated with equal respect, their needs met, and their wants considered. This doesn’t mean that the kids rule the roost while the parents stand by wringing their hands afraid to discipline for fear of hurting their fragile spirits. What it means is that everyone has a voice in the family, and that parents are firm, yet kind and fair with their expectations of the kids.

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Martha said...

So that's what it is called, Attachment parenting! I love it! Even though I am a peds nurse, I haven't read Dr.Sears.
Thank you for your comment on my blog.
A Beatles magnet collection, funny. Happy Thanksgiving and off to figure out what to post about.