Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Milelong To-Do List

I have quite a bit I would like to get done today. Good thing it's not even 11 AM yet, and that I've nearly had my fill of being online. I need to mail a photo that Beadwire8 won in my contest. Go check out her shop, she has some really pretty jewelry. I also need to take my husband's leather coat to the seamstress to have the zipper fixed, need to finish writing up several play synopses, study for two very large exams--a cumulative chemistry and a sociology. I would like to finish up quite a bit of holiday shopping on Etsy.

What else? What else? You know there's gotta be something else. There always is. Well, as usual the house can stand to be cleaned. I should probably take a shower. Oh, and I was hoping I'd be able to swing by the college and take a photograph of the trees there. I'm not going to go into detail, but trust me when I say that if I can actually get a good photo (which will involve the tree, the sky, and a bird all cooperating) then I will put it in my store.

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Martha said...

My list is long too, but not quite as long as yours.