Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kids and Sleep

I'm standing hunched over the wooden chair I normally sit in while typing, just in case I need to run over to my two year old who is happily pulling paper coffee filters from the bag while "cooking" cereal in our toaster oven. Don't worry, the oven is unplugged. I'm on my second cup of coffee because it's twenty minutes 'til 11 pm and she is not even showing signs of being tired. That's after she woke up at 9:30 this morning and hasn't napped all day.

Sound unusual? Not for here. Somehow we ended up with crazy mutant kids who can survive with practically no sleep. While other people's toddlers and preschoolers take 2-3 hour naps and still go to bed at 9 pm, our kids are awake 18 hours a day. It is nice that the youngest is able to play by herself, even if her play means trashing the house. Our oldest is very clingy and likes to have someone with him at all times. That's just his personality though.

Oops! I just had to go rescue a certain little girl who climbed onto the kitchen counter. She managed to open a cabinet and grab the camcorder, which I barely managed to rescue. I gave her a wooden box of tea to play with instead.

Okay, well, those were just a few of the fun moments of my life parenting a couple of crazy, rowdy, fun kids.

Good night online world!


Martha said...

Coffee at 11 pm, Wow, you poor thing. I got the photo yesterday, it is just beautiful. I know my husband will love it. Thanks so much.

Martha said...

Hello Again, I tagged you for a Meme, details on my blog if you would like to play along. Many thanks, Martha