Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Seeing the End (of Holiday Shopping!)

How is your shopping coming along? That's assuming, of course, that you even celebrate the holidays. I know not everyone does. Sometimes people are surprised that our family celebrates Christmas since I am a life-long atheist. I love the holiday season though, all the togetherness, peace, harmony, and giving. To be honest, it's really how I strive to live all the time. I just leave religion out of our celebration. We have a tree that's decorated with lots of red bells and some cute ornaments, but nothing Christian in nature. It's a good compromise for our family.

I also love the excitement of surprising people with gifts. I think I'm finally nearing the end of shopping--hooray hooray! I've spent a monkeyload of money on Etsy this season. It's been fun, but boy does it all add up!

I ordered a couple of toys for my nephew and second cousin last night, a pair of adorable cat stockings for my little boy and girl. I ordered a tin of cocoa for my BIL, Jason, and am still waiting on a few other things from there. I still have to bake cookies as gifts, and order some photos.

Gotta pack a bunch of stuff and mail a HUGE package to my family in Virginia. My husband offered to take the package by UPS on his way to work. I hope he doesn't pass out when he sees how much that will cost. **Gulp** All of his family is in Chicago so fortunately we can just drive their gifts up. :-)

I hope the rest of the stuff for my family comes in the mail today so we can get that shipped. I want it to be waiting for us when we get there. I'm having a dumb attack because I ordered earrings for my sister, Regina and can't remember if they came in or not. Knowing me, they came in and my crazy self has lost 'em.

Wow, busy! At least it's winding down. I'm going to start shopping even earlier next year...say January 1st! I thought I would be done by now since I started shopping before Thanksgiving, but man, the shopping just keeps going on and on. Still, it's fun! I'm going to miss the excitement once the season is over.


SilverSunbeam said...

I'm almost done. Just need one or two more things.

Saw you on etsy.

nicaeli said...

I haven't even started yet! I am waiting on a check from a show I did a couple of weeks ago so I can get hoppin' I feel like such a loser!

BonTons said...

My little etsy purchases are coming in, I have to quickly run away with them before the kids see, such fun this time of year!

Martha said...

Thank goodness for internet shopping, am doing 80% plus online this year. I like your attitude for the holidays.

oriental banana said...

i'm in the same boat! having a "handmade (by others) only" c'mas is easier than i thought it'd be though - yah!